Cloud has evolved

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Comprehensive cloud services from Leidos can help your organization unleash the power of the cloud with a value-driven migration strategy. Learn more at Continuous modernization Low-cost maintenance and sustainment through scale Artificial Intelligence (AI) Operations monitoring MANAGE & OPTIMIZE Continuing the pattern of improvement with "Sustainment as a Service" –– maintenance, monitoring, and more on hybrid cloud on public cloud platforms will upload workload to the cloud by 2020. 5 of enterprises Secure accredited environments AWS GovCloud + Microsoft Azure Government 700,000+ users Highly complex legacy applications + newly developed cloud-native applications 50 live applications, spread across Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure For one military customer, the Leidos process successfully migrated: Leidos has completed more than 1,000 public and private migrations • Secure cloud development environment ready in 24 hours • Data value unlocked • Cloud-native services MIGRATE Making the big move to the cloud, driven by data and value determined in previous phases, powered by repeatable processes and patterns Automation SecDevOps Secure cloud BUILD Putting structures in place to support security and automation throughout your transformation Application evaluation Repeatable, data-driven discovery Value-based analysis and mapping DISCOVER Customizing the approach for your organization’s unique environment 84% of enterprises run on a multi-cloud strategy. 4 Goal creation Data value strategy Stakeholder alignment Exploration of requirements and issues STRATEGIZE Creating the roadmap for your successful migration The Leidos Cloud Migration Process Streamline authority-to-operate approvals Government Customer: Reduced addressable security controls from 296 to 30 due to inherited controls Reduce time to cloud Military Customer: 8 applications migrated in 48 hours Reduce total cost of ownership Government customer: reduced costs for development and test environments by 75% With all this, we deliver unique benefits throughout our value-driven cloud migration process. Speed and quality Our agile software factories are coding centers of excellence—creating secure reusable code to solve complex problems using defined processes. Scale partners that augment our internal software factories to enable quick responses with vetted resources Niche partners with industry-leading skills Cloud Service Providers Unleash the power of the cloud with Leidos Leidos combines experience and capabilities with valuable partnerships: According to market estimates, more than half of organizations don't have a system for monitoring, managing, or securing cloud applications. 3 Cloud initiatives are already estimated to account for 70% of all tech spending. 2 80% of organizations are predicted to migrate toward cloud, hosting, and colocation services by 2025. 1 Optimize Your Cloud Journey. Are you ready? The right migration strategy unlocks the value of the cloud for your enterprise while managing cost and maintaining speed. Not all migration strategies can manage that. We have successfully completed more than 1,000 public and private migrations - The Leidos Way. Cloud has evolved